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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

GBC Tax LLC is GROWING! New Auditing and Payroll Branches Added!

We at GBC Tax will help
your small business grow too!

GBC Services, LLC, is expanding their small business for all your accounting and HRMS needs in 2015.

GBC Tax has expanded its services to include auditing, IRS representation, HRMS, consulting and CFO services, and e-verification. We have added new websites and branches and also added some staff recently. Our staff is growing! Our senior staff accountant, Milad Jaberi, has now completed his CPA certification, and we have a new staff accountant, Amanda Gardner.

Amanda Gardner recently graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting in May 2014. Amanda’s focus and passion include audit and business analysis, and she is currently pursuing her CPA Certification and Master's degree. When not at work, Amanda loves to spend time with her family and partake in arts and crafts.

Call GBC today for a free consultation and see how well-rounded, professional and comprehensive our services are first-hand! We can help you grow your small business also, protect you from potential IRS problems, and increase your profit margins! We are also fully equipped to handle the needs of larger corporations. Please visit our new payroll and auditing websites:

GBC Tax, Payroll, and Audit Services, Certified Public Accountants is located at:
1950 North Park Place SE, Suite 150, Atlanta, GA 30339.
Telephone: 678-366-9232

For Media Inquiries:
Ghassan R. Gharaizi, Quickbooks ProAdvisor and Certified Public Accountant.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

External Auditing Services and Solutions Offered to Atlanta Small Businesses

Protect your small business.


Choose to protect your profit margins by having a professional audit service completed.  Keep your company on sound economic footing by utilizing an expert league of accounting professionals who know what the current governmental standards are. Call or contact GBC Audits today to learn how we may assist you in your quarterly and retirement plan auditing needs.

One cannot take for granted how vital it is for a company to observe regulatory fiscal reporting measures required by agencies like the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service is merely one federal department to worry about in this regard, however. The Department of Labor also has a number of reporting requirements, with documentation that must be filed annually, and sometimes electronically, which we take care of also. Providing essential reports to these governmental bodies is not a small task and can be difficult for one person or small team to oversee.

The GBC Audit team is lead by Quickbooks ProAdvisor Ghassan R. Gharaizi, an experienced CPA who takes a nuanced, multifaceted approach to financial planning and assessment. Not satisfied with cookie cutter business paradigms, Gharaizi works very hard to make sure the auditing solutions he proposes for your company are indeed tailored to fit your needs. This can be especially helpful for small businesses, which can have very different considerations than larger corporations. Likewise, a larger company’s accounting obligations will have a much broader scope. In both circumstances, auditing services will have to be adapted in order to apply the appropriate tools. GBC Audit Services of Atlanta's services are highly affordable, taking all manner of budget constraints into consideration.

GBC Audits of Atlanta provides pertinent Audit and Consulting Services that will assist you and your financial team whenever critical tax seasons or quarterly fiscal sessions arise.

GBC Services LLC, Certified Public Accountants and Auditing services is located at:
1950 North Park Place SE, Suite 150, Atlanta, GA 30339.
Telephone: 678-366-9232
For Media Inquiries: Ghassan R. Gharaizi, Quickbooks ProAdvisor and Certified Public Accountant.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hire a Payroll Service as Your Small Business Grows

A basic cost-effective solution
in a growing business is to hire
a payroll service provider.
Are you getting overwhelmed now that your small business is growing and want to know where to begin? Hire a payroll service.

It might have been easy to track the handful of employees working at a single location, but diversification and revenue growth often leads to hiring additional employees, sometimes at multiple locations. A burgeoning payroll also means keeping up with additional compliance and regulation issues.

If you find yourself dedicating more time than you can afford to managing payroll, you should strongly consider using a payroll service provider, who generally takes care of these basic things:

  • Taxes
  • Payroll delivery and reporting
  • Direct deposits and check printing
  • Wage garnishment
Also, consider these other compelling reasons to outsource payroll duties: Payroll administrators can provide payroll preview services that let you know exactly how much payroll liability you face. And payroll service companies can track employees' time and attendance with an online time clock or proprietary time-management software.

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