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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Don't Fall Behind in Paying Your Small Business Taxes

Small and large businesses are
required to make scheduled
reports to the IRS.
Payroll taxes are all taxes that are collected, by federal, state, and local governments, based on salaries and wages paid to employees. These taxes must be withheld from wages by all businesses that have employees. 

These taxes are remitted on a monthly or semi-weekly basis, depending on the quantity owed. 

Businesses are also required to make regularly scheduled reports to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and to state and local taxing agencies about the amount of taxes owed and paid. Self-employed persons are responsible for paying their own payroll or income taxes directly to the appropriate taxing entity.

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Many small businesses fall behind in paying these taxes or filing the associated reports at some time during their existence. Such an error is, however, very costly because significant interest and penalties apply for late payment or nonpayment of payroll taxes.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Professional IRS Representation for Your Small Business Needs

GBC can help your company
with payroll tax problems.
There is a few things you should know about payroll taxes though, crucial knowledge that could help you avoid legitimate problems with the IRS as long as these rules of thumbs are followed and guidelines applied.

First things you need to know before getting Atlanta IRS representation is what to hold back from every employee's paycheck:
  • Federal (and if applicable state) income taxes
  • FICA contributions (for such programs as Social Security and Medicare) 

Other important notes for an employer to know to help them with their Atlanta payroll tax problems: 
  • How much income tax to withhold depends on the numbers of exemptions claimed by the employee.
  • FICA contributions from a percentage of gross earnings earned by the actual employee in which you must either match to a certain percentage, or fully.
  • Use a federal tax deposit form with your payment (makes things way easier)
If you do not send these to the IRS, then you may indeed find yourself needing Atlanta IRS representation.  The Atlanta IRS requires this information by federal law, so it is best to make sure you send it over:
  • Form 941 Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return. Form is filed every 3 months whilst your business maintains employees. This report shows the employees' federal income tax and FICA withheld for the previous quarter.
    Download Form 941
  • Form 940 Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return or FUTA. Filed once a year, and is used to calculate federal unemployment tax. It is important to note that the FUTA tax is paid by the actual business and is not withed from the employee's check.
    Download Form 940
If you find yourself failing in this area of Atlanta IRS representation for your business, do not fret. The Atlanta IRS has reported that the vast majority of businesses are often late, or mess up, their taxes. While the Atlanta IRS considers payroll taxes the most serious of all the tax debts, often they will be willing to work with you as long as you pick the correct Atlanta IRS representation.  

Be careful with payroll taxes, as Atlanta IRS collectors can be extremely tenacious if you owe any payroll taxes whatsoever. 

Call GBC Income Tax Services today at 678-366-9232 for all your tax and IRS needs!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Afforable Payroll and HRMS Services for Small to Large Businesses

GBC lends a helping hand to
your small business needs.
In response to demand for increased technology solutions from its clients, GBC Services LLC announces that it has chosen to extend its Payroll and HRMS offerings. 

GBC will be offering an all-inclusive, affordable package that will now include web-based HRMS, Employee and Manager Self Service,

GBC Payroll and Human Resources can extend its reach and value into clients’ operations and processes.

GBC Services of Atlanta offers valuable expertise to companies of all sizes that seek to outsource their Payroll services to a company with a great reputation and excellent service record.” GBC Services’ knowledge and experience, coupled with their solid and robust HRIS / PR technology, can provide a small or mid-size company with an affordable, superior product, normally only available to the larger enterprises. 

GBC Services is a committed Payroll Services company with lots of experience that serve small to midsize Southeast businesses very well

GBC Services is now offering their all inclusive, low-cost single priced package under the product name of “GBC Professional Level Payroll and Human Resource Management System”.
Call GBC Income Tax Services today at 678-366-9232 for all your tax and IRS needs!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Atlanta IRS Solutions...GBC Services Can Help You With IRS Problems

Always fill out tax
forms at the earliest!
IRS problems are extremely unsettling. 

While you are likely to feel panicked and overwhelmed, following the steps below will assist in solving your tax issues in a timely fashion.

Do not let a notice from the IRS sit around without taking action. 

The notice will contain a payoff date for any liability noted. A timely resolution to your problems is crucial to minimize the effect of penalties and interest on this and any money you owe.

  • Read the IRS notice several times. The notice will be difficult to fully understand if you read it only once. 
  • Make notes on what the IRS is asking for, including the tax year the notice...

Call GBC Income Tax Services today at 678-366-9232 for all your tax and IRS needs!


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