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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

BBB Accredited Income Tax Accountants GBC Services

Atlanta Better Business
Bureau Accredited
One wouldn’t trust a doctor or mechanic with an unreliable or inconsistent reputation, so why should an accountant be any different?  Besides, you work hard to take care of your family and accumulate savings for a rainy day.

A reputable accountant can help your money grow and protect cultivated assets.  They can also make decisions that devastate you financially.

To that end, one should make sure that the CPA you are considering  is listed with the Better Business Bureau.  When it comes to consumer protection, the  BBB is the gold standard.  Annually, the Better Business Bureau investigates hundreds of businesses to see if they are trustworthy or have a large number of consumer complaints.  Those with black marks do not get listed or have extremely low rankings.

At GBC Services, LLC., we  understand your money is your lifeline and treat it as such.  This is why we have complete transparency as well as state of the art accounting services that can help you manage your money and keep it safe.   Our CPAs are well trained, and our commitment to ethical and fair business practices is second to none. In a frightening business and economic climate, knowledge is power.  The BBB can provide you with that. 

Contact GBC Services, LLC., today and find out why we have earned a stellar reputation within the Better Business Bureau community and beyond.

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