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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Advice On Dealing With The IRS from eHow's Money Section

Read Notices from the IRS
Immediately and Thoroughly
IRS problems are extremely unsettling. While you are likely to feel panicked and overwhelmed, following the steps below will assist in solving your tax issues in a timely fashion.

Do not let a notice from the IRS sit around without taking action. 

The notice will contain a payoff date for any liability noted. A timely resolution to your problems is crucial to minimize the effect of penalties and interest on this and any money you owe.

  • Read the IRS notice several times. The notice will be difficult to fully understand if you read it only once. 
  • Make notes on what the IRS is asking for, including the tax year the notice...

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Signs That Your Income Tax Preparer is Bad News : No Storefront

Bad Tax Preparer:
No Storefront
Warning Signs of the Bad Atlanta Georgia Income Tax Preparer:


They Look Like They're Officeless...

When I mean officeless, I mean a Georgia tax preparer's office is in a sign less building and a empty storefront. Sad for the ethically moral startup (or the skillfully incompetent but good hearted preparer) anyone who cannot generate enough business to invest in at least some nice branding probably should be avoided.

Would you really trust someone in a rotting can of an office with your most precious financial records? And to top it off you are trusting this person to give you good financial advice? Probably not the best of choices to get your Atlanta Georgia taxes done by.

Read Warning Sign 1: Asking You to Lie About How Giving You Are

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