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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beware of Scams by Phony IRS Agents

Crooks use the 1040 season
to access your personal and financial
The official method of correspondence by the IRS and local or state tax offices is U.S. Postal Service-delivered letter. If you initiate contact by phone call or email, you may get a response that way. But the IRS rarely makes unexpected phone calls or sends unsolicited emails, faxes or text messages.

If the message arrives by email or text, you may be asked to click on a link for more details. Don't. That can install "malware" programs in your computer to give the crooks remote access to your files and passwords or even let them take control of the device. This year, new ploys include:
  • Bogus claims that you can get $80 for completing a customer survey for the IRS. The message asks for personal and financial information that can be used to steal your identity.
  • Fictitious promises of refunds or rebates based on excess or withheld Social Security benefits or for the expired Economic Recovery Credit Program or recovery rebate credit. Each of these scams requests your SSN and other personal info.
  • False claims that you can use Treasury Form 1080 to transfer funds from the Social Security Administration to the IRS, enabling a payout to you from the IRS.
  • Offers of "free money" from the IRS or other government agencies. These lies circulate in flyers posted at churches and other gathering spots, and also in online advertisements. They often imply that tax credits or refunds are available without proof of eligibility.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Choosing the Right CPA for You

Interview at least 3 CPAs to get
the right one for your business.
CPAs are more than just individuals who do your yearly taxes. They can advise you on a long list of other services, which may include advice on your accounting system, financial, retirement, estate and tax planning.

CPAs are part of a business owner's professional team along with a banker and a lawyer.

Your local Chamber of Commerce will tell you the names of CPAs who are members. When you attend any type of meeting, or meet other business owners, ask for CPA recommendations. Here are a few more points to consider:

  • Use the 60% Rule
    If you're a business owner, pick a CPA who has 60% of their business coming from business owners like you! They're more apt to keep up with the laws regarding clients they deal with most often. If you're a corporation, make sure that the person specializes in corporate accounting, including financial statements, audits, etc.
  • Bring Your Records to the Interview
    Bring a copy of at least one year's tax return when you interview a CPA. This way your prospective CPA can give you educated "guesstimates" as to what their services will cost you.
  • How To File
    If you want to save some money, ask how they want your paper files.... If you bring your files to them in shoeboxes (hey, many folks do), you will pay to have all that deciphered! You can save money if you separate the information the way the CPA suggests.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Choosing a Good CPA: Ability, Attitude, Altitude

Choosing the right CPA
for your small business
can make all the difference
Hiring a professional CPA is not something we do every day, and striving to find a CPA whose ambition matches your own is not an easy task.

Find the right one and you will find a home for your business and someone who cares about your business as much as you do.

Before you select a tax adviser, accountant, or personal financial adviser, make sure you consider the three A's of choosing a CPA:
  1. ABILITY: What is your CPA’s Technical Ability, Track Record & Performance?
  2. ATTITUDE: Can You Relate to Your CPA? How is Their Customer Service?
  3. ALTITUDE: How Far Can Your CPA Take You?
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