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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Experienced Representation = Success in Tax Court

Don't be intimidated
by the IRS
It can be very intimidating to have to go to court with the Internal Revenue Service regardless of who initiates the proceedings. You know that losing this sort of case can have disastrous financial effects on you for many years to come. Failure to prove your innocence can result in things like seizure of assets, liens, and various other collection actions. You will want every advantage you can get in the courtroom to make sure that doesn't happen.

To prevent these actions, you will need to convince a judge that the collection attempts are unjustified. You may be able to get much better results by pursuing your day in court with the proper representation rather than by trying to go it alone. What may cause you to want to go to tax court? Here are a few potential reasons for contesting taxes:
  • The IRS attempts asset seizure
  • An attempt to claim an unreceived refund
  • An offer of compromise is denied
  • Claim to be an innocent spouse is denied
  • A desire to reassess the taxes you are liable for
In any of these various cases, a great number of tax laws apply. Trying to navigate such case on your own can be difficult if not virtually impossible. Why try to do something that is so important without the proper support in your corner?

The right Atlanta tax representation may be able to help you clear up your tax issue for good and avoid penalties and other undesirable outcomes, so get the help that you need. It will be well worth it.

Very often when an issue arises, you have a limited amount of time to try and resolve the issue. This would include filing for any necessary court proceedings. Even if you feel too much time has passed, an experienced professional may be able to help you get matters taken care of, so don't give up hope. Get a consult on your situation with no obligation, and start working on getting your peace of mind back today. You can have a successful day in tax court.
Get the right representation from an experienced individual.
Look for someone with the right reputation.
Make sure they know your situation well and have experience with the particular circumstances you are dealing with. This will ensure that you have the best chance of getting the desired result in court.

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