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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Successful Outcome in Tax Court Proceedings

AVOID Tax Court Drama
There is no surer way to get your assets seized than when the IRS comes knocking on your door. So how can we make sure our businesses are safe, that our taxes are done right, and most importantly, that we will be alright if the IRS decides to show its ugly head at the steps of our business?

Good news for you. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you disagree with the IRS actions proposed upon your business, it is your right (and perhaps duty) to go to Tax Court. At Tax Court you can have a judge review all the information the IRS has gathered and they can rule to see if the actions of the IRS were warranted in the first place.

For people looking for a favorable result in a tax court proceedings, it is noted that often using a Tax Court judge is more effective than looking for solutions down other IRS mediums or modalities. With that said, what kind of thing can LAND you in the Tax Court drama? Watch out for these:
  • Denial of an Offer in Compromise
  • Refund Claims
  • Denial of Innocent Spouse
  • The IRS Decision to seize assets (also known as levying)
  • Assessment of Tax Liability
If you are going into tax court, do not go alone. Call GBC Income Tax Services today at 678-366-9232 for all your tax and IRS needs!

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